Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking & Horse Riding in Gwynedd, North Wales.

Here at Bwlchgwyn Farm we have many Pony Trekking and Horse riding activities to choose from. You can trek along the beach and the stunning Snowdonian mountains.  We offer horse riding lessons and horse holiday packages.

Pony Trekking in Gwynedd, North Wales

Pony Trekking centre offers rides along beautiful Mawddach Estuary, Fairbourne’s sandy beach and up to the foot hills of the panoramic Cregennan Lakes and Cader Idris mountain Range.

  • All riders are subject to assessment; weight limit is approximately 15 stone depending on ability.
  • STRICTLY NO SHORTS, SKIRTS OR SANDALS WHILST RIDING you must wear long trousers and a closed in shoe

Novice Estuary Ride- £30 per horse/pony

Suitable for the complete beginner/novice families with young children from 4 yrs up. Trek along our own farm land in amongst the resident sheep and wildlife, with magnificent views of the Mawddach Estuary and Cader Idris mountain range in the distance.

Novice Beach Ride- £50 per horse/pony

Suitable for complete beginners/novices from  7 yrs up (children up to 12yrs must be accompanied by an adult) Trek down through our own farm land along the estuary and down on to Fairbourne’s sandy beach. This is just at a walking/trekking pace.

Private Experienced Ride £90pp  (2 people riding £80pp) 

15 min assessment with our BHSI prior to this ride  £15.  (Please note this may be required to ensure your level of experience)

This ride is for very experienced riders only as it includes cantering along the beach.

What to bring and wear:

  • Sensible footwear, preferrably sturdy boot with small heel NO FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS!!!!
  • Long trousers only. NO SHORTS OR SKIRTS
  • Clothing appropiate for the ever changing Welsh weather. Lightweight waterproof coat is recommended. No clothing can be tied around waist.
  • All riders MUST wear gloves. These can be purchased in reception if you have none
  • Riding hats and boots can be borrowed from the centre, if you have your own hat it will have to be checked for correct standard prior to use.
  • Cameras or Go Pros/bodycams are NOT permitted.
  • Bags or camera bags are not allowed to be taken on the horses, bags can be stored at the centre if necessary.
  • Cash or Card payment facilities available. Payment in full required on booking, non refundable.
  • Management have the right to refuse or remove any rider at any time.



Horse Riding Lessons in Gwynedd, North Wales

Horse riding lessons in North Wales –  Private flat-work, grid or jumping lessons on own horse or centres horses with our qualified instuctor.

All lessons can be arranged to suit the individual rider , on our wide range of proven horses kept at Bwlchgwyn Farm.

Please note that lessons are available from 4years upwards. Book early to avoid disappointment.

No SHORTS or sandals whilst riding.

Private Horse Riding Lessons with instructor-

1/2 hour private riding lesson – £25 per person

1/2 hour shared riding lesson – £20 per person

1/2 hour jump lesson – £30 per person

45 minutes private riding lesson- £35 per person

45 minutes shared riding lesson- £30 per person

1 hour lesson- 45 minutes riding lesson and 15 minutes stable management- £40 per person. This 1 hour lesson includes 15 minutes stable managemet.  This helps to build confidence and undertanding around the ponies/horses.


Menage Hire 

Menage Hire 1 hour hire with showjumps – £20

Menage hire 1 hour – £15

Floodlights £3 per hour

Any additional horse – £5 (each)

Specialised Clinics

Please contact us for details on Clinics (using Guest Instructors) or sign up to our newsletter or Facebook page for more details.

Enquire for our daily rates. All riders are subject to assessment; Weight limits 15 stone depending on ability

Riding Lessons

Private one to one lessons with our experienced BHSI Sue Tupman.
Sue is also a level 5 professional accredited coach, she has ridden at National level and trained at International level for many years.

PRIVATE LESSONS (Please note that the Instructor will advise on type of lesson suitable)

½ hour private lunge lesson Child (4-15yrs) £28
½ hour private lunge lesson Adult (16yrs up) £35
45 min private lunge lesson (Children only) £35
½ hour private riding lesson Child (4-15yrs) £25
½ hour private riding lesson Adult (16yrs up) £30
45mins private riding lesson Child (4-15yrs) £35
45mins private riding lesson Adult (16yrs up) £45


45 min 2 children (must have ridden before) £30pp
45 min 2 adults £40pp


This includes a 45min riding lesson and 15min of stable management
Child (4-15yrs) £45
Adult (16yrs up) £55

Please note : To all clients who regularily have riding Lessons,   we will be asking you for a £10  cancellation deposit on the following  booked riding lesson  fully  deducted if cancelled  within 24hrs to cover time/admin ect.

Horse Holiday Packages in Gwynedd, North Wales

At Bwlchgwyn Farm we provide everything you may need to ensure you and your horse can have an enjoyable holiday together. We also offer bespoke short stay riding holidays for clients that do not have their own horses and want to enjoy a short enjoyable equestrian filled stay which can be tailored to your riding ability whether you are a complete beginner or a very experienced rider.

Bring your own horse (2 night stay) September to June excluding major school and  bank holidays. 

£150pp which includes:

  • 2 night stay in a luxury self catering cottage (continental breakfast included).
  • Stabling for your horse (internal or external stables)
  • Turnout facilities
  • Bedding (shavings).
  • Hay (Haylage can be provided by arrangement)
  • Access to surfaced outdoor arena (Use of all jumps).
  • Rides around the farm land and to the beach  (escorted by a guide at an extra cost).
  • Lessons can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Additional nights can also be arranged at an extra cost.

Public liability insurance is required for you and your horse. Reduced rate for groups of 5+.  ALL LIVERIES MUST HAVE UP TO DATEE FLU VACCINATION CERTIFICATES.

Bespoke riding holiday package suitable for Beginner/Novice riders (2 night stay) September to June excluding major school and bank holidays.

£180pp which includes:

  • 2 night stay in a luxury self catering cottage (continental breakfast included).
  • Use of the centres horses for up to 4 hours of riding throughout the stay which can consist of lessons, Estuary rides and Beach rides (walk/trot). Extra riding time can be arranged at additional cost.
  • Stable management sessions can also be provided if desired.
  • Additional nights can also be arranged at an extra cost.
Reduced rate for groups of 5+

Bespoke riding holiday package suitable for Intermediate/Experienced rides (2 night stay)

£230pp which includes and can be tailored to requirements:

  • 2 night stay in a luxury self catering cottage (continental breakfast included).
  • Use of the centres horses for lessons, Estuary rides, Beach rides and use of menage and full jump set. Suitable for experienced riders only as fast paced ride on the beach (approx 2 hours)
  • Stable management sessions can also be provided of desired.
  • Additional nights can also be arranged at an extra cost.

Reduced rate for groups of 5+

Selection of our Riding School and Trekking Horses

We have over 30 horses available to ride at our centre which we can guarantee will meet your individual equestrian needs!

Sonic: A full up sized cob who is an ideal horse to experience a lovely canter down the beach, he is also suitable for our less experienced riders to have an equally enjoyable riding experience.

Prince: A stunning Welsh Section D gelding who is an excellent horse to enjoy a beach canter on, if not being ridden by customers he will be being fought over by staff to ride!

Toby: One of our trusty novice horse cobs, he is perfect for any riders that are particularily nervous or have never ridden a horse before!

Coco: An ace little pony who has a rather funky mane, she is a firm favourite with both our riding lesson and trekking customers.

Millie – A one in a million Irish cob, easy to do in every way this 15’1hh piebald mare is suitable for all levels of rides especially novice.

Lady Grey – Lovely heavy weight cob, a good weight carrier and a popular choice for our more novice riders. The photo on the right shows ‘Lady Grey’ all dolled up for our Halloween party with one of our youngest Pony Club kids. She is also a firm favourite with our local RDA group, please click on this link for more info on the group http://www.msrg.org.uk/index.htm

Della – 14.2hh grey mare. Shes a great mare for a beach hack and a very popular choice for the private beach rides as she is a steady mare with a sweet nature.great attitude on the beach, loves a gallop and is well mannered for all levels of riders.

For all the latest News on Riding Lessons, Clinics and Horse Massage courses please join our Facebook group or signup to our newsletter.

We have lots of other horses and ponies just get in touch and we will find the right horse for you!