Clents are asked to read and comply with ALL Safety Notices around the premises. Safety guidelines are there to ensure the safety of all clients,children, staff.


Correct footwear must be worn by all riders. Riding boots or a sensible she/boot with a heelmay be worn.

Riders must switch mobile phones off when riding and no cameras will be allowed out on treks.

Parents and members of the public are asked to remain outside the arena /trekking barn unless asked to enter by a member of staff. Clients are also asked to keep off the fences and gates.

No Flash photography around the arena . No GoPro or any type of body / helmet camera  to be worn whilst riding.

Clients are asked to always be aware of danger while around thesepremises, especially aroundthe horses and stable area.

Clients are asked to supervise childrenat all times and are asked not to enter the stable block/trekking area .

Please do not feed the horses.

No dogs allowed on the premises .

All Riders must complete a Rider Registration Form and Disclaimer form before Riding .

In the event of a cancellation 48hrs notice in advance of bookings.

Clients are asked to pay for their lessons or treks on booking in .

The management Reserve the right to refuse entry to these premises.

Correct weight of rider must be given at time of booking  to ensure our horses welfare.

Rides may sometimes be cancelled due to poor weather conditions please contact us before you set out.